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Get a professional landing page website with potential for high conversions. Your new website will be fast and mobile-friendly, with effective web marketing tools for to capture leads and make sales on the spot.

What is a One Page Website?

A one-page website or landing page website is a type of website built with a sole intention to sell something or gain a lead. It is developed to look and have features of any normal multi-page website. The only difference is that all the information and functionality of the site are condensed into one-two pages in such a way that a page visitor might not even notice the difference compared to a multi-page website.

How a One Page Website Actually Works

In a one-page website, clicking the menu items will result in a scroll to that specific section of a page instead of opening a dedicated page altogether.

If your website sells products or has a special call to action (e.g an interactive quotation request form), those features are normally added to a separate page in order for the page visitor to focus on providing you a lead without looking at any other information on your website. Similarly, if your one-page website sells products, clicking “Add To Cart” will open a Cart/Checkout page to initiate the buying process as you’d expect in a normal multipage website or online store.

For demonstration purposes, the current page you are viewing now is strategically built to be a landing page website, All buttons lead you to buy the One Page Web Design Package and Clicking any menu items (except the site logo) will only direct you to where we want you to be just in this page. Try it out.

Landing Page

A great way to expose your business online.

R 2500 /once-off

Lead times: 1-2 days.

Free and 1st month hosting
1-2 Pages WordPress Website
E-Commerce (Up to 5 Products)
Mobile & Tablet Friendly Website
Basic SEO & Full Google Analytics
Google Maps Integration
Interactive Contact Forms
Staff Email Accounts
Social Media Integration
Free Auto SSL Security
Photo/Video Gallery & Portfolio
Web Traffic and Reports Feedback
Instant Chat (WhatsApp Chat Bubble)

Landing Page Website Design Price

We’ve made it simple to request an online store design for your business. Simple pick a package based on the size of your business and the number of products to be added. There is no need for us to send you manual quotations and keep you waiting. Just make sure the package you choose lines up with what’s on the online store packages you choose. 

One Page Website Features Included

Promote your products and services in a way that your customers will love to shop in your store

Products Showcase

Allow your customers to select between different types of products and services using interactive info boxes.

Interactive Contact Forms

Get legitimate leads through interactive responsive online forms with fields unique to your product/service.

E-Commerce Integration

We add E-Commerce features to allow you to sell your product/service and get paid by card online.

Instant Chat

Your customers will have the ability to chat with you directly online through WhatsApp, Email, Auto responders etc.

Google Analytics & SEO

We index your website so it can appear on Google search results. Your website will also track the number of page visitors. 

Traffic / Sales Reports

Get real-time reports for who buys products and services and use the data to improve your marketing campaigns.

One Page Website Pros & Cons

If you are considering starting with a one page website, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you should know:


Single page landing pages are great for conversions of most single products (A book, service, podcast or showcasing a new App etc.) They psychologically trick the page visitor to remain focused on what you sell and eventually take action from without leaving the page.

Landing page websites are quick to build and generally cost way less compared to full blown business websites.

Landing pagers can easily be upgraded to a multi-page website without necessarily breaking the structure and look of its existing design. Certain assets of the design such as headers & footers, contact forms, buttons, element design styles can be duplicated and be re-used on new pages.


A landing page website may not be effective if your business offers many different products and services that appeal (e.g An accounting firm offering accounting services and ). Too many offers in a single page may be confusing to a page visitor. It makes sense to split your website into many pages so you can showcase every product/service separately to include written content, gallery images, etc. 

Big search engines, such as Google generally give organic search priority to websites with more content over its competition. If you plan to start with a landing page, your marketing strategy should be heavily based on driving traffic through other means of digital marketing as sponsored Ads, social media marketing, influencer marketing, direct referrals and email marketing etc.

Here's some of the One Page Websites we've built

Please note some of these sites might have been upgraded to multi-page websites.

Ready To Start Selling Online?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages are included in a One Page Website?

Generally 1-2 pages split in a structure of Information Page plus special Call To Action Page (eg. a separate Quote Request page with all the features you need to get a reliable lead). If your website sells something online, we will include all other important store pages by default without charging you extra (e.g Cart List, Checkout, Wishlist, Order Tracking, Delivery policy, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition).

How much do you charge to upgrade a One Page Website?

The price for the upgrade will be a pro-rata charge to the next web design package you choose.

What information do you require to build a One Page Website?

In order for Us to start building your landing page website, we require at least 60% of the following information:

  • Your business logo files
  • Written content
  • Images and videos
  • Contact information
  • Features you will need added


How long do you take to build a One Page Website?

We generally take 1-2 days excluding revisions.

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