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We fix your website, get it up to speed, and bring you back to where you need to be. Fix all errors and patch it against web attacks.

Affordable, responsive, and mobile-friendly website design in South Africa for less. We can help you with any web design services for your business.

Why a You Need to Fix Your Website

If your website is not functioning properly, your business may be heading for a disaster. Without the proper web presence, it is hard to make sales or recruit new employees and clients. This can lead to frustration from customers who visit your site and find it out of date or not functioning properly. Don’t let your business suffer because of an outdated website; you should treat it as an asset that must be kept in shape to stay competitive in online markets.

Website Fix Prices

Join the crowd of customers who have taken advantage of our website fix service. Our expert developers will repair your website, blog or online store and even add new features to keep it up to standard with the latest online trends.


Simply pick a blog design package based on the features you need for your next blog. There is no need for us to send you manual quotations and keep you waiting. 

Startup Blog

Ideal for small businesses who want to blog for the first time.

R 2500 /once-off

Lead times: 1-2 days.

Free and 1st month hosting
Existing websites and new websites
1x Custom single post template design
Blog Landing Page design
Blog archives page design
Elementor and Basic Editor setup
Advanced search page setup
SEO & Google Analytics setup
Post share icons
Commenting system
Free Auto SSL Security
Web Traffic and Reports Feedback
Instant Chat (WhatsApp Chat Bubble)
Tutorial on how to publish new content, update and monetize your blog

Pro Business Blog

Ideal for small businesses who want to earn income through a blog.

R 5500 /once-off

Lead times: 5-10 days.

Free or .com & 1st month hosting
Everything included in Starter Blog Package
1x SEO rich article
Advanced custom blog sidebar
1 hr blog marketing consultation
Automatic Ads placement
Paywall and Donations integration
Newsletter signup popups
In depth customisation for industry features (Downloads, Sports, Product reviews etc.)
Affiliate marketing guide (List of affiliate networks, how to join and recommended strategies to monetise your blog)

Advanced Blog

Ideal for large businesses who want to earn income through a blog.

R 10000 /once-off

Lead times: 10-20 days.

Free or .com & 1st month hosting
Everything included in Pro Business Blog
3x Custom single post layouts
Conditional rules for different blog post types
E-Commerce (Up to 10 Products)
Advanced custom fields setup
Advanced Affiliate Marketing Assets (Product reviews, deals & coupons, products compare, tables and lists)
Auto update for affiliate links
Different theme styles for different categories
Marketing funnel integration

After choosing a blog design package, you will be redirected to our main website to register a domain and complete your client registration and purchase. We will begin working on your order as soon as we receive it.

Why Choose Us for Website Fix

A Fix Your Website is an assessment of your website. It includes a look at the site’s current features and user experience, provides insight into how customers navigate through the site, and recommends improvements.

We fix all Website Errors

We’re experts at fixing all your website errors. Whether it’s a simple fix or something more serious, we can take care of it for you fast, efficiently and affordably. 

From the top line errors, such as: Pages not loading fast, site not optimised properly on all devices, Annoying errors such as the “There has been a critical error on this website.” message, to the more common “Error 404 Page not found” message that appears when you try and access a web page ‘that doesn’t exist’, we can help your website run smoothly again.

WordPress Web Design Services

We can Rebuild Your Entire Website

Sometimes a website repair is not enough and the best solution is to rebuild your entire website with a modern design and enhanced features.

Website rebuilds can be the best solution when your website has become too outdated or the technology is no longer supported. If you have a dying website built on a platform like Wix, Weebly or any other site builder, We can rebuild your current website on a new WordPress platform in keeping with the latest standards, installing any new code required and importing all your old data from an old CMS system.

We will Secure your Website against Hackers and Threats

Thousands of websites are hacked everyday and if your website is not secured properly, you might be one of them. We will make sure all loopholes in your website are fixed, we will keep your website secured through the resources of your host as well as implementing important security measures such as:

WordPress Web Design Services
WordPress Web Design Services

We will Add New Features to your Website

We understand that the key to a successful blog is great content presented in a manner that resonates with your target audience. Blog design denotes the quality of the blog content and user interface.

If you own an accounting and tax business, you wouldn’t want a blog that is designed to look like a music downloads website. You would want a design that best represents the professionality of your industry just like Business Insider. 

Therefore, Our experienced designers will work with you to create a distinctive and engaging visual style for your blog that perfectly matches your brand. From font styles, colour scheme, reader experience and features added. If you have an existing blog, we can also give your current blog a face-lift.

Types Of Websites we Fix / Repair

If your website is not working properly, or isn’t responsive, modern or mobile-friendly, we can make it better. We take care of all of the updates for you and make sure it stays up to date with the latest online trends.

Why Choose Us

With over 5+ years in the web design and digital marketing industry, We help hundreds of customers get their businesses marketed online on basic and advanced levels. We also have some honest reviews online and a good portfolio of works you can also check out.

Average rating of 4.7 / 5
Average rating of 4.7 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions on Blog Design

How long does it take you to complete my blog?

1-2 days for most small business blogs

5-7 days for affiliate marketing blogs

1-2 weeks for larger blogs. eg. News and media,  

How long does it take you to complete my website?

You will have full control over your blog website. You can write posts, edit theme, change images, add videos, and publish them all on your own. We only ask that you consult with us if you have questions or need help with something else that is a little bit technical for you.

Does blog affiliate marketing really work?

Yes it does, we do it too. Here is one of the products we currently promote through a blog and how much it has made us in about 6 months.

Reference blog article:


blog affiliate affiliate marketing profit - South Africa

Having a problem with your website? We fix websites. We can help.

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